Going Forward Together: Day 5

Recently, I was speaking to my good friend in the USVI (United States Virgin Islands), who is a believer and also trained in the medical field. Our conversation moved to the path forward and if I was going to take the vaccine when it became available. My response was yes, since I have taken many vaccines before I really don’t have a problem in taking vaccines. (Although this one has been developed with lightning speed).

Well, she came to the conclusion that the decision I made could not be from God, because there was something sinister being planned by the ruling powers behind the scene in the world. Needless to say, we could not come to an understanding of each other’s position but, we were able to go forward together as members of the body of Christ. Think about it, we are diverse physically. We have tall people, short people, round people, thin people, muscular people, skinny people, athletic people and so forth. Our personalities are different. We have nervous people, calm people, artistic people, musical people, type A people, type B people, type ‘I don’t really care about anything’ people.

But we have also people who love unity. We don’t just come together; we are going forward together. I think you could argue the case that the church at Philippi was the best church in the New Testament. There are others that may qualify for that title, but it seems to me that by many ways of measuring, you could say that Philippians is the best church in the New Testament.

But having said that, I also want to say to you that the church at Philippi was not a perfect church. Sometimes when we read about the churches of the New Testament, we get the idea that they were perfect, that there were no flaws in the church whatsoever. But there are no perfect churches.

The church is not a trophy case for the exhibition of perfect saints, but the church is a school for the education of imperfect believers. We are all growing and going forward in the Lord. We are all seeking to be what God wants us to be.

A church, if it is a good church, is a church that is still going to have some difficulties and problems in it. Satan is not going to disturb a sleeping church, and he is certainly not going to resurrect a dying church.

I heard about a little boy who was talking to his mom and he asked her where he was born. She said, “You were born in Toronto.” He asked, “Where was Daddy born?” she said, “He was born in Trinidad.” He asked, “Where was my baby sister born? ” She said, “She was born in Mississauga.” His mom asked, “Why do you want to know?” the little boy said, “You know mom, I was just thinking, isn’t it great that God got all of us together?”

With all of our differences and disagreements, God’s got all of us together and we are moving forward.

Prayer Target:
• Pray that God opens our minds to understand the Scriptures. Help us to seek the Holy Spirit who will teach all things about Jesus.
• Pray that our despair becomes joy and our worries be replaced with worship.
• Pray for wisdom and discernment for leaders to make righteous and good decisions.
• Pray for the power of God to demolish the walls that continue to separate us from God and each other.
• Pray to become agents of reconciliation, and that we will be reconciled with those we have offended and those who have offended us.
• Pray for a humble spirit. We cannot demand reconciliation.
• Pray for pure motives. Seek to please God instead of seeking revenge.
• Pray to be realistic. Change and restoration requires time and hard work.

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