Music, Arts and Drama

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Progress Church Music, Arts and Drama is compiled of a worship team and band (Judah), a choir (Progressive Praise Choir), a prophetic dance ministry (Progressive Praise & Worship Dance Team), a creative drama team (Progressive Praise Drama), a media and technical services team.

The purpose of the Music, Arts and Drama Department at the Progress Church is to create an atmosphere filled with God's glory, His manifested presence, where a life-changing process begins and continues to eternity. All participants willing to experience this life-changing transformation will most certainly encounter the true and Living God and will never be the same.

This department prepares each week by setting themselves apart as sanctuary vessels of honour for God's use, ready to be used by Him to usher His glory (His tangible presence) into the earth, thereby, creating a shift in the atmosphere, that will cause destruction to the enemy and his army.