(1 Tim. 2:1-7)

Every child of God is called to be a solider. We are called for a purpose, a campaign – to advance God’s kingdom in the earth.

Some qualities of a Good Soldier:

1. Service – concentrated (intense, directed to one thing) wholehearted. The service of kingdom building… In the parable of Matthew 25:14-19 the reward for work well done is more work (more tasks,more responsibilities). God has called us to the work, we are accountable to Him and He will reward us (Mark 10:27-30)!

2. Obedience – the soldier cannot see the entire picture he must leave the decision making process to the commander. In Genesis 12:1 Abraham left his country as God commanded him, he didn’t see or know the place God would take him but he obeyed and went out. He didn’t trouble his mind with the details (Hebrews 11:8)

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